Navigating Inflation: Impacts of the Cost-of-Living Crisis on Workers in Informal Employment in Accra, Ghana

Marcela Valdivia, Owusu Boampong, Karim Saagbul, Kweku Kyere, Richmond Obeng, Ana Carolina Ogando

This booklet shows how the cost-of-living crisis is affecting workers in informal employment in Accra, Ghana. It draws on exploratory research conducted with kayayei (headporters), market traders, street vendors, and waste pickers. Data was collected by WIEGO in 6 focus groups with 31 workers: 10 street vendors, 10 waste pickers, 5 market traders and 6 kayayei. In addition, workers filled out a short questionnaire, and in-depth interviews were conducted with five worker leaders. 

We are unable to feed the household like we are expected to .... The price for utilities, rent, food have increased, so we are unable to afford three square meals. So we resort to either once or twice a day. The kids eat twice a day, while we adults eat once a day” (female street vendor).

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