Income Security for Older Workers

Ana Cecilia Martínez is a waste picker in Bogotá
Photo: Juan Arredondo/Getty Images Reportage

Income Security for Older Workers is a new pillar of work for the Social Protection Programme. WIEGO’s starting point is to put informal work at the centre. This shifts the framing to see older people as workers, contributing to household incomes and to care work, rather than as the unproductive elderly who need to be cared for.

We are interested in learning more about the cross-generational patterns of social protection – finding out what older people are doing know and what they did in the past to best ensure their income security. We are developing this pillar of work with an initial institutional mapping and policy scoping.

See Francie Lund's presentation Informal Workers Growing Older in the Changing World of Work, given at the British Society of Gerontology Conference: “Ageing in an Unequal World” Manchester, 5th July 2018.

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