WIEGO Manifesto

Support Informal Workers, Reduce Poverty

Employment – or more precisely “decent work” – is crucial to reducing poverty.

1. Most of the world’s poor – especially in developing countries – are working. Most informal workers are poor; most working poor are engaged in the informal economy.

2. The working poor cannot work their way out of poverty because the vast majority earn their living in the informal economy where average earnings are low and costs and risks are high.

3. The root causes of low incomes and high risks in the informal economy include: lack of productive resources and economic opportunities

  • lack of economic rights – as workers and producers
  • lack of social protection
  • lack of organization and representation
  • lack of enabling environment

4. The pathway to reducing poverty is: to create more “decent work” opportunities

  • to increase the benefits and decrease the costs of working informally
  • to increase the assets, economic rights, social protection, and voice of the working poor in the informal economy
  • to create an enabling environment for the working poor in the informal economy

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