WIEGO Safeguarding

At WIEGO we want to ensure that everyone who comes into contact with our organization is safe. We make  a commitment to uphold the dignity, safety and rights of informal workers and because we take this commitment seriously, we want to hear from you if you feel that your dignity, safety or rights have been harmed in any way through your interaction with WIEGO. We call this area of our work ‘Safeguarding’.

If you have a safeguarding concern related to WIEGO, our staff, contractors or representatives please tell us immediately. We take all concerns seriously. Please send a message to safeguarding@wiego.org. Concerns raised will then be assigned for consideration and follow-up by the WIEGO Operations Team or the Management Committee of the WIEGO Board depending on the nature of the concern that is raised.

Please note that information received from anonymous sources will be assessed and may lead to an investigation. However, anonymous allegations are often more difficult to pursue as there may not be a way for WIEGO to clarify the information provided or to ask questions. If you do choose to remain anonymous, please provide as much detail as possible.