Our Work & Impact

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WIEGO's work is making an impact in urban communities and on the world stage.

All of our work is done in concert with, and in support of, informal workers' organizations -- the local, national, regional and international organizations that are mobilizing members and advocating for better working conditions, for social and legal protections, and for the recognition of poor, informal workers as workers.

WIEGO has three goals: to help amplify the voice of these workers, to increase their visibility through official statistics and public engagements, and to ensure they have validity in policymaking forums.


The informal economy is multifaceted, encompassing workers across many sectors in every country who face a myriad of challenges. So WIEGO's work is necessarily complex.

Our five core programmes intersect across six main informal economy themes. Although we work in many cities, there are five "focal cities" in which we currently have concentrated our efforts to achieve results.

We focus the work on four major occupational groups.

WIEGO also undertakes special initiatives that broaden the knowledge base, including by experiencing the grounded reality of informal workers. 

Global Projects

WIEGO coordinated two Global Projects that encompassed multiple sectors, programmes and regions. These involved partnerships with membership-based organizations (MBOs) of informal workers. WIEGO provided technical support and expertise, and leveraged and managed funding:

1) Inclusive Cities for the Working Poor 
2) Women’s Economic Empowerment