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WIEGO has experts who can speak knowledgeably about:

- informal economy issues, trends and informal workers' rights (to legal and social protection, to safe and secure livelihoods)

- taxation and taxing informal workers

- statistics in the informal economy 

- waste and waste picking, ocean plastic waste

- street and market vendors

- home-based work, global value chains

- collective bargaining in the informal economy

- formalizing the informal economy and the future of work

- gender issues in informal employment, including violence, harassment, child care and health care

- non-standard work in developed countries


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Questions about what we do and why? Here are some fast facts.

Accra Street Vendor
Street vendor in Accra: Jonathan Torgovnik/Getty Images Reportage


Informal Economy FAQs (also in French/Spanish)

Street Vendor FAQs (also in French)

Waste Picker FAQs (also in French)

61% of the world's workers work informally


Find statistics on the informal economy and its 2-billion workers worldwide!

Waste pickers in Brazil strategizing at a workshop
Waste pickers in Brazil strategizing at a workshop. Photo: Sonia Dias



Looking to get it straight? Read here to separate the myths from the facts.


Find infographics that explain key ideas about informal work, including for these sectors:

Waste picker Infographic


Waste pickers contribute significantly to cities and the environment. Download the full infographic in English or Spanish. Please contact for this infographic.



Homebased Worker Infographic



Home-based workers earn just $1-3 a day. Download the full infographic in French and Spanish. Please contact for this infographic.


Street Vendors Infographic




Street vendors are the lifeblood of cities globally. Download these key figures. Please contact for this infographic.

Homeworkers Infographic


Homeworkers are some of the world's most vulnerable workers.  Please contact for this infographic.






The amazing images of informal workers can be accessed and used for free thanks to a generous grant from the Hewlett Foundation. Hewlett partnered with WIEGO with Getty photographers to capture informal workers from six cities around the globe in 2015. See images of empowerment and licensing info.



Watch this short video to understand the informal economy, “Organizing for Change,” and check out our YouTube page for more.