"God First, Second the Market": A Case Study of the Sirleaf Market Women’s Fund of Liberia

Sirleaf Market Women's Fund
  • Place of Publication: Monrovia, Liberia and New York, USA
  • Publisher: Sirleaf Market Women's Fund

This case study was prepared by Sirleaf Market Women's Fund, an organization in Liberia named in honor of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the first woman elected president in Africa and the granddaughter of a rural market woman.  The Fund works to strengthen  Liberian market women through the provision of market infrastructure, skills training and financial tools. This case study assesses the challenges, successes and failures of the SMWF projects and identifies the lessons learned.  Information was obtained through interviews with market women individually and via focus group discussions in 11 markets around the country.


For more information about SMWF/Liberia's sister organization, SMWF/US, that disseminates information on the markets and market women of Liberia, see the website.


Le rapport est aussi disponible en français.

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