Towards Economic Freedom: The Impact of SEWA

  • Place of Publication: Ahmedabad
  • Publisher: Self-Employed Women's Association

This booklet analyses the impact of SEWA, Self Employed Women‟s Association, on its members. SEWA is an officially registered trade union with a membership of over 700,000 self-employed women working in the informal economy in India. SEWA‟s impact is analysed by looking at eleven points that are a key focus of the organisation: employment, income, assets, nutrition, health, housing, child care, organised strength, leadership, self-reliance, and education. SEWA‟s organising strategies include organising members into trade groups or cooperatives; advocating policies that benefit members; collective bargaining on behalf of members; helping members develop their leadership skills. In addition SEWA offers following services to its members: financial services such as savings, loans and insurance; social services including child care, health care, and education; infrastructure services; and capacity building services.

Informal Economy Theme
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