IUF Women’s Conference and IUF Congress in Geneva

Geneva, Switzerland

Accra market worker
Photo by Jonathan Torgovnik / Getty Images-Reportage


The International Union of Food Workers (IUF)  Women’s Conference and IUF Congress took place between August 26th and September 1st, in Geneva, Switzerland. The IUF is one of WIEGO’s board members. Karin Pape, Deputy Director of WIEGO’s Organization and Representation Programme participated at the event.

As the IDWF Europe (International Domestic Workers Federation - Europe) coordinator, Karin reported at the IUF Women's Conference about the work done, in particular with regard to the collaboration with EFFAT, the European structure of IUF. And also as a WIEGO representative at the event, Karin introduced the WIEGO child care campaign and encouraged the IUF, its affiliates respectively, to join.


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