Syndicat Unique et Démocratique du Mareyeurs du Sénégal (SUDEMS)

The United and Democratic union of Fish Wholesalers of Senegal (Syndicat Unique et Démocratique du Mareyeurs du Sénégal, SUDEMS) was founded in July 2000. It is a national union which is formally recognized by the government of Senegal. Members are fish vendors who vend in streets, markets, and landing sites. As of December 2013, there are over 12,600 members of SUDEMS, who work throughout all regions of Senegal. The members are responsible for the collection, distribution and sale of fresh and dry fish.

The purpose and objectives of SUDEMS are to:

  • bring together all local fishing industry and fish trade workers into a single, national organization
  • formulate and defend the physical, moral and cultural rights and interests of its members
  • coordinate, struggle, and train its members
  • The mission of SUDEMS is to fight for the safeguarding and respect of democratic trade union rights, and to substantially contribute to the unity of workers in the world.

SUDEMS has established a savings and loan program, MEC-MUMAR, and an Approved Management Centre to train and formalize its members.  SUDEMS is currently creating a Mutual Health program for the social protection of its members.

Contact: Mamadou Fall, Secretary General


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Siège au Marché Central au Poisson de Pikine à Dakar 
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Dakar, Sénégal