Federation Nationale des Syndicats (FENASEIN)

FENASEIN stands for Federation Nationale des Syndicats (National Federation of Trade Unions). FENASEIN is a national affiliate of StreetNet International in Niger. The objectives of FENASEIN include: improve living and working conditions of members to achieve emancipation and social wellbeing; unite, organise and safeguard the freedom to organise and to encourage the advancement of members; ensure that the economy is organised to serve the people; promote social economy and solidarity.

Informal worker groups who are members of FENASEIN include: street and market vendors, stevedores/dockers, transport/taxi workers, commerce workers, mechanics, building, wood and forestry workers, clothing and garment workers, and tailors.

Contact: Souley Zeinabou, President of FENASEIN and Treasurer of StreetNet International


00227 9253 5056
00227 9698 0930
00227 9698 0930 




B.P. 388
Niamey Niger

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