Kenya National HBW Workshop and HBW Africa Regional Meeting

Nairobi, Kenya

Participants engaged in an activity called 'The Bus Stop' , where they were required to get on and off the bus as they agreed and disagreed with a number of statements regarding the realities of Home-based workers (HBWS). Photo Credit: Vanessa Pillay

42 participants from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and South Africa gathered at the Savelberg Retreat Centre in Nairobi for the Kenya National HBW Workshop and the HBW Africa Regional Meeting from 17 - 21 March 2019.

Both events, which were hosted by Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing (WIEGO) Ltd.  in partnership with the Kenya Federation for Alternative Trade (KEFAT)  sought to support national and regional organising and networking of home-based workers, in an effort to promote greater visibility for these workers.

During the Kenya National HBW Workshop which took place from 18 to 19 March, discussions centred around the development of a national network of Kenyan Home-Based Workers.

The HBW Africa Regional Meeting, which took place from 20 to 21 March focused on the building and strengthening of HBW organizations from the countries represented (Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania and South Africa) and in Africa. 

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