WIEGO Mourns the Loss of Guillermo Pérez

Guillermo Pérez Herrera

The community in which WIEGO’s work in Peru is rooted, which includes WIEGO team members, partners, leaders and members of workers' associations, trade unions, colleagues and friends, shares with a heavy heart the news that our very unique Guillermo Pérez has departed from our side.

Guillermo Pérez Herrera and teamIt is extremely difficult to say goodbye to him, and even more difficult to imagine our work without him. Guillermo was a unique and irreplaceable being. He was a tireless researcher and analyst of all realities, a creative mind, a thoughtful and sensitive companion in the struggles of the working poor, the most energetic facilitator who could make the most serious person stand up and dance, an open book and a generous friend to all. For more than 20 years, he was able to transfer his union knowledge to the informal workers' movement, to make informal workers of all sectors and roads recognize and own their true self-worth as the most important aspect of our work In Peru. At any event, we would listen to his unparalleled tenor voice ask: “Who are we?” With the audience replying, Workers! And again, “Who are we?” The majority of the workforce in Peru!

Guillermo was an engine of WIEGO's work in Peru, our mentor, teacher, and partner. He was not only an individual member of WIEGO, but a fan of WIEGO globally, who believed in our work. He would post news about WIEGO’s work in the world before the WIEGO team in Lima did. He taught workers, and us, the importance of being good communicators.

Words are not enough to express our deepest gratitude for every moment and task shared with this joyful soul, full of anecdotes that could make you burst into laughter in the middle of a serious meeting.

Guillermo inspired respect with his physical stature and forceful countenance, although his heart was as soft as a marshmallow.

Guillermo, you taught us so much, encouraged us so much, and valued us so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We will continue working, analyzing the context in its entirety as you always directed us to do. We will continue with your legacy. We know that all that lies ahead for you is good, and that you will continue shining and taking leadership as you always did.

Till we meet again!


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