Habitat III: Co-producing sustainable cities? Local governments and civil society in global sustainable urban development

Berlin, Germany

Waste picker (catadora) in Belo Horizonte

The “Co-producing sustainable cities?” conference took place in Berlin, Germany, from September 14th to 21st. The event aimed to reflect on the reciprocal relationship between city governments and civil society for sustainable urban development in the global South and North. Representatives of local governments and civil society discussed the right to housing, land policy, access to employment and income, waste management and mobility.

On Friday 16th, the conferece held a showcase panel on waste policy. In many cities of the global South cooperative and informal schemes play key roles on waste management. The panelist explored the pros and cons of organizational forms, not only with regard to the responsible use of resources, but also to their social consequences. WIEGO waste specialist Sonia Dias spoke at the panel “Waste management, responsible use of resources and municipal services”.

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