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Domestic Workers toolkit cover imageFor Domestic Workers' Organizations

Your Toolkit on ILO Convention 189 - The Domestic Workers Convention

WIEGO and the IDWF partnered to write this toolkit to support IDWF affiliates in their efforts to make C189 real for domestic workers.

Also available in Français and Português (Swahili forthcoming).



For Street Vendors 

Working in Public Space: A Manual for Street Vendors is meant to help readers to: 

- Reflect about what it means to be a street vendor working in public space, the contributions you make and the challenges you face. 
- Get informed about the purpose of regulations, the arguments you can use to defend the right to work in public space, and the actions other street vendor organizations have taken. 
- Get organized. Join up with an existing organization or help organize a new one. When you are strong and ready, approach your local government and negotiate for the changes you want to see.

Child Care Campaign information and materials 

Cover Only School we Have

The Only School We Have - Organizing Experiences from Across the Informal Economy

The Only School We Have: Learning from Organizing Experiences Across the Informal Economy (also available in Spanish) is a guidebook for building membership-based organizations. Success stories from around the world highlight the importance of mobilizing workers.


Organizing in the Informal Economy

Six booklets (also available in French, Portuguese and Spanish)

  1. Recruiting Informal Workers into Democratic Workers’ Organisations (ICC1)
  2. Building and Maintaining a Democratic Organisation of Informal Workers (ICC2)
  3. Handling the Day-To-Day Problems of Informal Workers (ICC3)
  4. Collective Negotiations for Informal Workers (ICC4)
  5. Handling Disputes between Informal Workers and those in Power (ICC5)
  6. Collective Action for Informal Workers (ICC6)

Advocacy Publications

Case Studies

For examinations from around the globe, see WIEGO Organizing Briefs.

Training Manuals: Developing Leadership and Business Skills for Informal Women Workers in Fair Trade

  1. Introduction & Training Module 1: Understanding Gender and Employment Relations
  2. Training Module 2: Understanding Women's Economic and Social Contribution to Effective Poverty Reduction
  3. Training Module 3: Promoting Democratic Participation and Accountability
  4. Training Module 4: Enhancing Financial and Business Management Skills
  5. Training Module 5: Understanding the Market
  6. Training Module 6: Quality Management Systems
  7. Training Module 7: Improving Innovation and Production Techniques

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