Refusing to be Cast Aside: Waste Pickers Organising Around the World

Melanie Samson
  • Place of Publication: Cambridge, MA
  • Publisher: WIEGO
  • Editors: Melanie Samson

Book - Refusing to Be Cast Aside: Waste Pickers Organizing Around the WorldAbstract:
This book examines organizing among waste pickers from different perspectives. Examples are drawn from around the world and the focus of analysis ranges from life-stories of waste pickers to waste picking in the context of a global trend of privatization of waste management. However, the key theme is waste pickers’ organizations.


The organizations that are studied include mainly cooperatives, but also a trade union, and a private company. Furthermore, one of the chapters analyses broader networks and federations of waste pickers’ organizations, bringing together waste pickers regionally, nationally, and globally.


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Informal Economy Theme
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