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About Wiego

Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing (WIEGO) is a global network focused on empowering the working poor, especially women, in the informal economy to secure their livelihoods. We believe that all workers should have equal economic opportunities, rights, protection and voice. WIEGO promotes change by improving statistics and expanding knowledge on the informal economy, building networks and capacity among informal worker organizations and, jointly with the networks and organizations, influencing local, national and international policies.

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About the Informal economy

The informal economy includes workers who do not have employment-based social protection and enterprises which are not incorporated or registered.

Global estimates on the size of informal employment (ILO 2018) show 61% of all workers worldwide are informally employed. 

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Los llamamientos para renovar el contrato social han proliferado en los últimos años, a medida que la relación “estándar” empleador-empleadx ha dejado de ser la norma, si bien persisten las formas tradicionales de empleo informal...


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Les appels au renouvellement du contrat social se sont multipliés ces dernières années, la relation employeuse·eur-employé·e « standard » n’étant plus la norme, tandis que les formes traditionnelles d’emploi informel persistent et...


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Calls to renew the social contract have proliferated in recent years as the “standard” employer-employee relationship has ceased to be the norm, while traditional forms of informal employment persist and informalization of once...