Françoise Carré

Francoise Carre
Françoise Carré
Director, Statistics Programme
Informal workers must be recognized as economic agents. Using the concept of informal employment across developing and developed countries provides the opportunity to generate an overarching understanding of jobs, qualitative differences across them, and their implications. It offers a systematic way to analyze labour markets, taking into consideration overall job quality rather than solely the wages/earnings dimension.
labour economics and industrial relations, comparative employment systems, low wage work and social policies, non-standard employment, labour market intermediaries and workforce development

In addition to her role as Statistics Director for WIEGO, Françoise serves as Research Director at the Center for Social Policy at the University of Massachusetts Boston’s J. W. McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies. She conducts research on work transformation and non-standard work in the USA and internationally.

She serves on the international scientific council for a French multi-university and cross-disciplinary research cluster focused on work (GESTES) and on the UN-Economic Commission for Europe Expert Group on Measuring Quality of Employment. On behalf of WIEGO, she sat on the ILO Working Group on the Revision of the International Classification of Status in Employment (ICSE-93), which led to a major step forward for informal workers.

Françoise received her PhD in urban and regional studies from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (U.S.A.). She has undergraduate degrees in economics from Wellesley College (U.S.A.; Phi Beta Kappa) and Université Paris IX Dauphine (France).

Book cover Françoise co-authored Where Bad Jobs Are Better: Retail Jobs Across Countries and Companies, which won the prestigious William G. Bowen Award for the Outstanding Book on Labor and Public Policy, presented by Princeton University, Industrial Relations Section. 

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