Law, Justice and Development Week 2017

Washington DC, USA

Law, Justice and Development Week 2017

The Law, Justice and Development Week 2017 will take place from November 6th to 10th, in Washington DC, United States. The event is organized by the World Bank, and will gather specialists from several areas to discuss issues around the theme of gender inequality.

The event aims to discuss legal and regulatory frameworks critical to formulating, revising and enforcing relevant national and international laws, programs, policies and National Strategic Plans on gender equality.  Furthermore, participants will debate policies to enhance women’s voice and capacity as well as to remove barriers to women’s access to health, education, jobs, ownership and control of productive assets, amongst other issues.

WIEGO’s International Coordinator, Martha Chen, as well as WIEGO’s Law Programme Coordinator Marlese von Broembsen and WIEGO’s Waste Specialist Sonia Dias will be attending the event. Marlese and Sonia will be speaking at the session “Creating an Enabling Legal Environment for Informal Workers: Examples of Inclusive Development from the Global South”. Marty will be the chair the same session and will make the introductory remarks.

There will be a live broadcast of the event on Youtube.


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