Wiego Team Retreat

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Programme Team

Sally Roever

International Coordinator

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Marty Chen

Senior Advisor

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Joann Vanek

Senior Advisor, Statistics

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Marlese von Broembsen

Director, Law Programme

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Jane Barrett

Director, Organization & Representation Programme

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Françoise Carré

Director, Statistics Programme

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Laura Alfers

Director, Social Protection Programme

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Rhonda Douglas

Programme Strategy Advisor

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Caroline Skinner

Urban Research Director

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Karin Pape

Deputy Director, Organization & Representation Programme

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Rachel Moussié

Deputy Director, Social Protection Programme

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Cyrus Ashfar

Social Protection Officer

Carmen Roca

Lima Focal City Coordinator

Sonia Dias

Sector Specialist, Waste Pickers

Shalini Sinha

India Country Representative

Lucia Fernandez

Waste Picker Sector Advisor

Federico Parra

Regional Coordinator, Waste Pickers Latin America

Sofia Trevino

Programme Support Manager

Olga Abizaid

Programme Support Officer

Dorcas Ansah

Accra Focal City Coordinator

Pilar Balbuena

Informal Economy Media Specialist

Edith Anampa

Project Officer

Kendra Hughes

Programme Support Officer

Vanessa Pillay

Organization & Representation Programme Officer

Rhiana Chinapen

Programme Strategy Assistant

Pamhidzai H. Bamu

Africa Coordinator, Law Programme

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Tania Espinosa Sánchez

Mexico City Focal City Coordinator

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Ana Carolina Ogando

Research Associate

Jenna Harvey

Global Focal Cities Coordinator

Adama Soumaré

Dakar Focal City Coordinator

Laura Raquel Morillo Santa Cruz

Organization & Representation Programme Officer, Latin America

Michael Rogan

Interim Director and Research Associate, Urban Policies Programme

Avi Majithia

Delhi Focal City Project Associate


Administrative Team

Mike Bird

Operations Director

Jacqui Fendall

Financial Controller and Company Secretary

Justina Pena Pan

Logistics Manager

Henrial Yaidoo

Senior Finance Officer

Shirley Crowther

Finance Officer

Halima Sadia

Finance Officer

Megan Landeros

Research & Administrative Assistant to the International Coordinator


Communications Team

Demetria Tsoutouras

Communications Manager

Megan MacLeod

Copy Editor

Miguel Sanz Caballer

Translation Coordinator

Taluah Girard

Communications Officer

Leslie Vryenhoek

Writer, Editor and Website Curator


Emeritus Team Members

Christine (Chris) Bonner

Advisor; Former Director, Organization & Representation

Francie Lund

Advisor; Former Director, Social Protection


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