WIEGO Resource Document - Informal Economy Budget Analysis: Greater Monrovia

Aisha Nansamba
  • Publisher: WIEGO

WIEGO Resource Document - Informal Economy Budget Analysis: Greater MonroviaThis paper aims to assess whether the government budget in Liberia address the needs of informal workers, in particular street vendors, market traders and waste collectors in greater Monrovia. The paper describes the situation of these three groups of informal workers, and then explores whether there are any indications of budgetary support or opportunities for workers1 to participate in the government budget process.
This analysis was conducted under a joint WIEGO-Cities Alliance partnership as part of the Liberia Country Programme’s support to informal workers and promotion of equitable economic growth in greater Monrovia. The audience for this paper includes government officials, legislators, donors, organizations that represent and work with informal workers, and the informal workers themselves.

Debbie Budlender wrote a WIEGO Budget Brief based on this paper, Informal Economy Budget Analysis in Greater Monrovia.

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