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Luz Elena Ramos Terrones is a newspaper vender or ‘Canillita’ in Lima, Peru

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March: Gender Balance and Democratic Leadership

MBO Newsletter, March 2024 - ThumbnailIn this issue:

In the spirit of celebrating women, we ask ourselves... | Lived Experience | What is Gender? | What is Intersectionality? | Why Gender Matters | Addressing Discrimination in Waste Picking | Addressing Gender-Based Violence | Leading the Way with Domestic Violence Survivors | Gender as a Part of Intersectionality in Practice | Creating Space for Everyone to be Heard | Resources |

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November: Who and what causes climate change? How does it affect people who live and work in poor communities?

WIEGO MBO Newsletter November 2023In this issue:

What Do We Mean by Just Transition? | Why Just Transition Matters | An Inclusive Transition Framework | How Workers in the Informal Economy Address a Just Transition | Sector-Specific Proposals: Domestic Workers, Home-Based Workers, Street Vendors and Market Traders & Waste Pickers | Workers’ Demands | Workers’ Impacts | Workers’ Voices |

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May: Taking a Stand – Building global organizations and more

banner CSW66In this issue:

Global Networks Stress Democracy in Social and Solidarity Economy | Breakthrough as Plastics Treaty Statement Recognizes Waste Pickers’ Work | Taking Part in CSW66 | Home-based Workers in Africa Plan to Develop and Grow Regional Organization | Developing a Constitution for an International Waste Pickers’ MBO | Home-Based Workers South Africa Association is Born | Waste Pickers Take to the Streets in Colombia | Urgent Call to Support Ukrainian SNI Affiliate | Domestic Workers in South Africa Unite for Rights | MBO Resources |

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February: Rising to the Challenge. MBO stories of successes and difficulties

Workers at Calle Mártir Olaya–San Martín de Porres market in LimaIn this issue:

Street Vendors Make a Day of It | International Labour Conference Inequality Discussion | Waste Pickers’ Greenhouse Gas Emissions Calculator | South African Street Vendor Leaders Focus on Collective Bargaining | ATEMDO Meets Home-Based Workers in Brazilian Cities | RENATTA-Perú sees its members face to face | Waste Picker Organizations Globally Adopt a Position Paper on Extended Producer Responsibility | Evicted Waste Pickers Have No Livelihoods in New Location | Three-Day Community Clean Up in Kibera, Kenya | MBO Resources |

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December: Cause for Celebration. Time for Reflections and Support

HomeNet South Asia Trust collected messages, inspiring stories and videos from home‐based workers for Home‐ based Workers’ DayIn this issue:

Home-based Workers’ Day Focuses on Social Protection | Popular Education Circles of Knowledge | Domestic Worker Unions in Africa Support Members in COVID-19 Crisis | Historic Moment for South African Street Vendors | Kenyan Wages Council Revived | Bangladeshi Waste Pickers’ Union Calls for Support to Tackle Climate Change | Senegalese Alliance Calls Out Decent Work Deficits | Union of Waste Pickers in Uruguay Holds Sixth National Assembly | Bagerezi Parade Their Work | MBO Resources |

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September: Building a Global Movement

infographicIn this issue:

Launch of HomeNet International | Integrating Waste Pickers into Policies | ARO Strikes a Blow Against City Authorities | RedLacre Manifesto Against Dump Closures | Gender-Based Violence Workshop for Home-Based Workers in South Africa | Voicing Issues at International Labour Conference | International Labour Day | Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of C189 | MBO Resources |

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March: MBO Responses to COVID-19

Mrs Panisara Adiraklarpnukul, a massage therapist in ThailandIn this issue:

Countries we are focusing on in this newsletter | Recovery Starts with Us! Informal Workers in Thailand Make Their Voices Heard | Experience of El Sindicato Unico de la Aguja from Uruguay | Bangalore’s Waste Pickers Hope the Decade Will Be on Their Side | Waste Pickers in Colombia Facing the Pandemic | Sierra Leone Traders Union (SLeTU): Using Organizational Structures to Respond to the COVID-19 Crisis | MBO Resources |

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Top photo: Luz Elena Ramos Terrones is a newspaper vender or ‘Canillita’ as is locally know and a member of FENVENDRELP (Federación Nacional de Vendedores de Diarios, Revistas y Loterias del Perú), one of several organizations of informal workers in Lima that works closely with WIEGO in several initiatives, including to improve capacities of membership-based organizations through training in advocacy, communications, regulatory and legal frame work, occupational health and safety, and social inclusion campaigns. Photo by Juan Arredondo/Reportage by Getty Images
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