How to Assess Security of Tenure and Emulate Mortgages for Financing Semi-Formal Homes: Lessons from Mahila Housing SEWA Trust

Matthias Nohn, Bijal Brahm Bhatt
  • Subtitle: WIEGO Technical Brief No. 8

Nohn and Bhatt’s Technical Brief examines how the Mahila Housing Trust (MHT) has tackled the issue of housing loans in contexts of tenure insecurity. MHT has developed innovative mechanisms for screening the security of tenure of properties outside of the conventional housing finance space.

Lessons on Mortgages from Mahilla Housing Trust, SEWA

Further MHT has developed a legal contract between lender and borrower with a foreclosure mechanism that emulates formal mortgage proceedings. The brief aims to share this model with other lenders with a view to potential replication not only in India but also in other low- and middle-income countries.


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