HomeNet International brings a united global voice to home-based workers

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This month, home-based workers (HBW) and their allies celebrate the historic launch of a new global network. HomeNet International (HNI) brings together membership-based organizations of home-based workers from Africa, Latin America, South Asia, and South East Asia.B y organizing globally, home-based workers are better placed to respond to common challenges, raise the visibility of home-based workers, and provide a strong representative voice on global platforms.

Meet HNI Affiliates: https://www.homenetinternational.org/about/congress/

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Key functions of the new global network HomeNet International:

  • To raise visibility and gain recognition of home-based workers as workers globally.
  • To build and provide solidarity amongst home-based workers around common issues at the global level.
  • To work with regional groups to develop effective mechanisms to improve the livelihoods and working conditions of home-based workers.
  • To use the power of a global voice to influence governments and employers at global, regional, national and local levels
  • To work towards ratification and implementation of ILO Convention 177 and policies for home-based workers, including implementation of ILO Recommendation 204

For more information, please visit: HomeNetInternational.org

To contact organizers of the virtual Congress: https://www.homenetinternational.org/event/launch-of-homenet-international/

WIEGO has a long history of solidarity with home-based workers organizations. WIEGO’s co-founder Marty Chen, was asked to compile statistics on home-based workers worldwide for the campaign for ILO Home Work Convention (C177) and WIEGO was formed immediately afterwards in 1997. Since its founding WIEGO has continued to produce research and statistics to make home-based workers visible. Learn more about WIEGO’s role in the history of the global movement of home-based workers.

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