Activities in Accra Mark International Waste Pickers Day

Waste picker at Kpone landfill in Accra - credit Dean Saffron
1 March 2020 - 5 March 2020
Accra, Ghana

In Accra, the events marking International Waste Pickers Day (March 1st, 2020) lasted for a week. Waste pickers marked their day in their own way before coming together to hold a series of public activities that showcased their contributions.

Waste pickers at Kpone landfill in Accra (credit Dean Saffron)
Waste pickers at Kpone landfill in Accra. Photos by Dean Saffron


March 3

  • 7:00–9:30am: Waste Pickers Street carnival from Kpone through the landfill road to the to barrier of the Tema–Dawhenya highway.   
  • 10:00am–12noon: Press conference and media engagement and tour of Kapone Landfill
  • 12noon–4.00pm: Reception and a brief talk by an invited guest

March 5

Photo Exhibition and Video Showing at the Alisa Hotel in Accra: In 2019, renowned photographer/videographer Dean Saffron visited the Kpone landfill. His extraordinary photos and two short videos capture the daily work, contributions and realities of Accra’s informal waste pickers Alisa Hotel in Accra.

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