October, 2012
European Development Days
The Perspective of the Working Poor in the Informal Economy
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WIEGO was invited by the European Commission to co-sponsor a high-level panel on “Empowering People for Inclusive Growth: The Perspective of the Working Poor in the Informal Economy“ at the 2012 European Development Days (EDD) conference.

This panel of academics, practitioners, and policy-makers discussed which policies are needed to create inclusive growth for the working poor in the informal economy.

Panelists included Marty Chen (International Coordinator, WIEGO); Renana Jhabvala (National Coordinator, SEWA and Chair, WIEGO Board);  Federico Parra (Latin America Waste Picker Coordinator, WIEGO); Tony Addison (Deputy Director, UN WIDER).  Heidi Hautala, Minister for International Development, Finland, provided a policy response. Kristian Schmidt, Director, Human Development Department, Directorate General for Development and Cooperation – EuropeAid, of the European Commission, was the moderator.


Visit web page containing video and more information about this presentation at European Development Days.


Read the Concept Note written by Henrik Huitfeldt of the European Commission and Marty Chen of the WIEGO Network.


More information containing quotes from panelists and link to EDD's facebook page.

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