WIEGO Monitoring, Learning and Evaluation Toolkit - Tool #3: How to evaluate your training or workshop, during and after

Barbara Klugman, Carmen Wilson-Grau, WIEGO

Klugman, Barbara, Carmen Wilson-Grau and WIEGO. 2022. WIEGO Monitoring, Learning and Evaluation Toolkit. Manchester: WIEGO.

You want to know if and why your training or capacity-building event worked well:

  1. Did it motivate participants?
  2. Did it strengthen participants’ knowledge and confidence to use that knowledge?
  3. Did participants then actually use that knowledge or new relationships after they leave?
  4. And did it help participants and WIEGO achieve our intended outcomes of influencing external actors?
  5. Given our findings, how can we improve our training or capacity building event when we next do it?

This document gives ideas on what methods to use to answer the above questions without bringing the original participants back into a workshop. You can adapt them to your specific context and audience.