Organising Street Vendors: "Gente de Confiar" Radio Progamme, Lima, Peru


Citation: Roever, Sally. 2010. Organising Street Vendors: "Gente de Confiar" Radio Progamme, Lima, Peru. WIEGO Organizing Brief No. 2. WIEGO.

An authentically democratic community requires open channels of communication between citizens. Street markets offer a natural setting for the daily give-and-take between sellers and buyers that is necessary for transactions to take place, but workers in street markets often lack reliable channels of communication with one another, with the general public, and with the broader political community.

Organising Street Vendors


In Lima, Peru’s capital city, street traders have an urgent need to engage in public policy debates regarding their livelihoods, and have found traditional channels insufficient for them to express their proposals and ideas. In response to this need, a local NGO in North Lima has developed a radio programme designed to promote the entrepreneurial development of small-scale traders and producers, the activities of their organisations, and their public expression on matters of local economic development.

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