Occupational Health & Safety for Market and Street Traders in Accra and Takoradi, Ghana

  • Publisher: WIEGO

OHS Street Traders in GhanaThe working conditions of many informal workers, especially those working in urban public spaces, are significantly affected by the policies, regulations and actions of local government. An important aspect of WIEGO’s OHS Project has been to widen the institutional definition of Occupational Health & Safety to include local government health and safety systems.

Occupational Health & Safety for Market and Street Traders details some of the health and safety risks and hazards faced by market and street traders in Accra. It also analyses the response to these issues by local government, and identifies a number of problem areas, including the lack of real communication with trader organizations, trader’s lack of access to information on important policies and regulations governing health and safety in market areas, institutional blockages within local government itself, and inadequate monitoring by local government of privatised basic services.


WIEGO’s OHS for Informal Workers research papers seek to expand the knowledge base on occupational health and safety in informal places of work.


Main thematic areas include:

  • institutional issues in extending OHS services to informal workers
  • regulation of OHS
  • data collection on work-related health and disease amongst the informal workforce.
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