Lautloses Heer der Domestic WorkersMitbestimmung

  • Article Title: Lautloses Heer der Domestic Workers
  • Title of Journal: Mitbestimmung

This article (in German) is from the journal of the Hans Boeckler Foundation "Mitbestimmung" (co-determination).

Karin Pape, representing WIEGO and IDWF, is quoted as saying that trade unions should think out of the box and should engage in building new alliances. She refers to the example of a broad alliance of trade unions, NGOs, government representatives, the ILO, employers organizations, and, last but not least, the organized domestic workes themselves, which finally led to the adoption of the ILO Convention 189, decent work for domestic workers. She recommends that trade unions should start by, for example,  offering meeting rooms and counseling services as the British trade union UNITE has been doing. Also the German DGB provides services in the framework of their programme "fair mobility", in particular for migrant workers from Eastern Europe. She further says that networking among all of those who have been and are working on "organizing the un-organizable" is important.

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