Informal Economy Budget Analysis in Greater Monrovia

Debbie Budlender
  • Subtitle: WIEGO Budget Brief No. 7

Informal Economy Budget Analysis in Greater Monrovia

In 2010, 49.5 per cent of people (72.0 per cent of employed women and 72.0 per cent of employed men) employed outside of agriculture in Liberia were in the informal sector, with a further 10.8 per cent in informal employment. Informal employment is therefore extremely important for the Liberian economy as a whole, as well as for the individuals and households who rely on the related earnings. This brief summarizes research that examines whether and how Liberia’s national government budget addresses the needs of informal workers, and of street vendors, market traders and waste collectors in particular.

WIEGO is grateful to the Cities Alliance both for the funding and technical assistance from the Liberia Country Programme that enabled this study.

This Budget Brief is based on the WIEGO Resource Document - Informal Economy Budget Analysis: Greater Monrovia, written by Aisha Nansamba.

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