Memorial Tributes

WIEGO acknowledges the contribution of all informal workers and their leaders in this global crisis, and send our condolences to all those who have lost loved ones, colleagues and members during this difficult time. 

mustapha CollerMustapha Coller

22nd December 1959 - 30th March 2020

Husband, father, colleague, activist, Mustapha Coller sadly passed from complications brought on by Covid-19 infection. He was 61 years old.

As Chairperson of the Western Cape Informal Traders Coalition (WCITC) he was actively and genuinely involved in the promotion and development of informal workers throughout the province. His contribution in highlighting the challenges and concerns of informal traders is well noted. 





Jaime MontejoJaime Montejo

We regret the death by COVID-19 of our colleague JAIME MONTEJO, activist and co-founder of the 
Women's Support Street Brigade "Elisa Martínez", A.C., and collaborator of the Independent News Agency Noti-Calle, in Mexico City. Always by the side of sex workers, sex workers transgender, survivors of human trafficking and migrant women, Jaime was always a seasoned defender of human, civil and of this population, committed to the prevention of HIV, AIDS and ITS and community mobilization against human trafficking and sexual exploitation.With Jaime goes a friend who is honest, simple, helpful, humane, humble and loving, a fighting partner and a social leader.We will always remember the long working hours enlivened by their stories, photos and smiles in Bangkok, Buenos Aires, Cartagena de Indias, La Paz and Sao Paulo, among others.

Desde GAATW-REDLAC, Red de América Latina y el Caribe de la GAATW, lamentamos el fallecimiento por COVID-19 de nuestro compañero JAIME MONTEJO, activista y cofundador de Brigada Callejera de Apoyo a la Mujer "Elisa Martínez", A.C.,y colaborador de la Agencia de Noticias Independiente Noti-Calle, en Ciudad de México.
Siempre al lado de las trabajadoras sexuales, las trabajadoras sexuales transgénero, las sobrevivientes de trata de personas y mujeres migrantes, Jaime fue siempre un aguerrido defensor de los derechos humanos, civiles y laborales de esta población, comprometido con la prevención del VIH, SIDA e ITS y la movilización comunitaria contra la trata de personas y la explotación sexual. AMUMRA (Argentina), ASBRAD and IBISS / CO (Brazil), Corporación Espacios de Woman, Fundación Renacer and SINTRASEDOM (Colombia), ECPAT (Guatemala), CHS (Peru)

Ramchandra Mhasa Devkule Ramchandra Mhasa Devkule


Ramchandra Mhasa Devkule a member of Kagad Kaach Patra Kashtakari Panchayat. We last connected with him in April at the time of the KKPKP ration distribution to all waste pickers in Pune. Members of SWaCH continue to service properties and collect waste and honour the memory of Ramchandra, who will be remembered as the first waste picker to pass away from the COVID Pandemic.





Maria QuispeMaria Quispe 


Maria Quispe, from the Federación de Trabajadores y Trabajadoras del Hogar Remunerados del Perú, (FENTRAHOGARP) base SINTRAHOGARP Trujillo lost her battle to COVID19 on Monday 20 June 2020. Maria was a leader who worked for domestic workers rights in Peru and will be remembered dearly for her work, energy and strength.   
Maria Quispe, de la Federación de Trabajadores y Trabajadoras del Hogar Remunerados del Perú (FENTRAHOGARP) base SINTRAHOGARP Trujillo perdió su batalla contra COVID19 el Lunes 20 de junio 2020. María era una líder que trabajaba por los derechos de las trabajadoras domésticas en Perú y será recordada siempre por su lucha, energía y fortaleza.

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