Federación Única de Trabajadores No Dependientes de Venezuela (FUTRAND)

The United Federation of Independent Workers of Venezuela (Federación Única de Trabajadores No Dependientes de Venezuela, FUTRAND) was founded on November 28, 1992 and is affiliated with the Confederation of Workers of Venezuela (CTV). FUTRAND has a nationwide presence and works on behalf of its members and fraternal organizations. Although 3992 workers are officially affiliated with FUTRAND as of 2012, the organization works for almost all independent workers of Venezuela. 

Members from among FUTRAND’s officially affiliated organizations predominantly work as vendors, selling Creole Chicha, orange juice and fruits, Creole candy, and fast food such as empanadas, arepas, fritters, pancakes and hot dogs.  Also included are kiosk sellers and sellers of dry goods, clothing, jewelry, linen and electrical appliances, as well as shoe shiners.  FUTRAND also works with fraternal/similar organizations, which include taxi workers, public transport workers, hairdressers and artisans.

FUTRAND is the only federation of informal workers that exists in Venezuela.  It is governed by an Executive Committee composed of nine members, and a Court of Ethics and Discipline Association, Social Comptrollership, and Permanent Election Commission, each of which is composed of seven principal members with seven alternates.

Contact:    Blanca Llerena, General Secretary

Phone: 0058-041402575280058-04140257528  




Avenida Este 2, Edificio Jose Vargas, piso 15 CTV

Los Cabos, Parroquia La Candelaria
Municipio Libertador, Dtto. Capital  Código Postal 1010

Telephone: 0058-0212-860-91-210058-0212-860-91-21