How COVID-19 has Increased Vulnerability in the Informal Sector: Business Environment Solutions

Webinar, Marty Chen, 10Feb2021
24 October 2021

Wednesday, February 10 at 14:00 CET (08:00 EST)

This webinar, hosted by DCED (Donor Committee for Enterprise Development), looked at the challenges created by COVID-19 for business environment reform and the informal economy. Recognizing the impact COVID-19 had on the informal economy in developing economies, participants – including Marty Chen, International Coordinator Emeritus and Senior Advisor, WIEGO, and Lecturer in Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School – explored the kinds of responses emerging to these challenges.

This was an interactive webinar in which a panel of experts and agency representatives described the work they were doing to support reforms in the informal economy. Webinar participants presented their own questions and comments.


  • Judith van Doorn (ILO) 
  • Laura Atienza (European Commission) 
  • Mohammad Amin (World Bank Group) 
  • Marty Chen (WIEGO) 
  • Rose Karimi (International Cooperatives Alliance) 
  • Moderator: Andreja Marusic (World Bank Group)  
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