C40-CCAC Waste Systems webinar

Integrating the informal sector in solid waste management plans

WIEGO's Waste Picker Specialist, Dr. Sonia Dias will lead a webinar that focuses on the inclusion of the informal sector in waste management systems.

The webinar, which is targeted at city officials who work within the cities that are part of C40, will explore how cities can integrate the informal sector workforce into their solid waste management plans for more efficiency resulting in enforced diversion and mitigation opportunity networks.

Dr. Dias will share policies taken by different cities to include the informal sector as well as the experiences of waste pickers inclusion. Similarly, she will address some of the challenges working with the sector, including undocumented workers, traceability, establishing partnerships, and discuss models of inclusion and how the inclusion of the sector is increasingly migrating to service-driven systems and the implications of it.

This webinar is being organized by C40 Cities in collaboration with The Climate and Clean Air Coalition.

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