Who We Are

The WIEGO Network consists of individuals and institutions from three broad constituencies:

  • membership-based organizations (MBOs) of informal workers such as trade unions, cooperatives, and worker associations
  • researchers and statisticians who carry out research, data collection, or data analysis on the informal economy
  • practitioners from development agencies (inter-governmental, governmental, and non-governmental) who provide services to or shape policies towards the informal workforce

WIEGO's founders decided that the WIEGO network should build alliances and draw on the expertise of individuals and institutions from each of these constituencies around the globe.


MBOs of informal workers who are active in WIEGO are invited to become our Institutional Members.

Individuals from the other two constituencies who are active in WIEGO are invited to become our Individual Members. As of November 2018, the WIEGO network had 211 Members – 39 Institutional and 172 Individual Members – from around the globe.

Read the WIEGO MBO Newsletter.


A 10-person Board of Directors governs the WIEGO network. Board members are drawn from our three constituencies and come from diverse backgrounds and different regions. The Board has two committees: a Management (or executive) Committee and a Financial Committee. Meet our Board.


The WIEGO Team includes over 50 individuals who are based around the world. Only a small segment work full-time for WIEGO; the rest work from one-third to four-fifths time. Many play important roles as teachers, researchers and consultants for other institutions.

  • The WIEGO Ltd. Office in Manchester, UK includes Operations and Finance Teams.
  • The Communications Team is based in Ottawa, Canada. 
  • Members of our Programme Team live and work in more than 10 countries in both the global South and North. This allows WIEGO to create and maintain strong partnerships and alliances in all regions.

Meet our Team Members.

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