Sindicato de Trabajadores Independientes Ambulantes del Transporte y Anexos (SINTRALOC)

The National Union of Independent Itinerant Transport and Allied Workers (SINTRALOC) was founded on November 23, 1987.  Throughout its 24 years of existence, SINTRALOC has fought tirelessly for the recognition and dignity of street vendors.  In recent years, thanks to the perseverance of the union’s struggle, we have managed to get a bill passed to legally develop our work nationwide. This momentous achievement affected the following positive changes for the benefit of street vendors in the industry:

  • Formal implementation of the law throughout the country
  • Establishment of bodies of negotiation and coordination with various governmental agencies and authorities such as the presidency of the republic, administration, municipalities, representatives, senators, ministers, judges, police and internal revenue service
  • Facilitation of more than 700 trainings through government agencies in the area of digital literacy (basic and intermediate), English tourism courses, small business management and equalization of study
  • Executive negotiations with several private corporations on an experimental basis for the increase in employment of our members, with favorable results for both parties
  • Interaction, support and constant development with the Confederation of Workers CUT, with daily attention to our affiliate partners
  • Involvement with various international bodies such as the ILO, StreetNet International, CCOO, CSA, SIVARA and the UGT, and their representatives at international meetings

Currently, SINTRALOC has more than 3200 members who work in the metropolitan area, plus about 500 more in other areas including Puerto Montt, Temuco, Valdivia and Concepcion.  The vast majority of our members are street vendors.  Other workers include street performers, such as popular singers.

SINTRALOC has a National Board composed of seven leaders:
David Peña Rojas, National President
Hardy Vallejos Ramirez, Secretary General
Juan Coello, Treasurer
Gloria Guarda Inalef, Director
Marisol Moya Contador, Director
Octavio Hueche Leiva, Director
Gonzalo Lopez Rojas, Director

In addition, SINTRALOC has regional offices with regional autonomy, which consist of a president, secretary and treasurer, and report to the National Board.

Contact: Mr. Hardy Vallejos Ramirez, General Secretary
Phone: 56 2 23527600 anexo 217; 56 9 64580211 (cel)
+ 41 22 793 22 38+ 41 22 793 22 38 

Alameda #1346
Santiago de Chile 8320000

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