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Informal Economy & WIEGO

International Street Vendors Day

14 November, 2013

Street vendor
November 14 is International Street Vendors Day, a day to celebrate the incredible contributions made by street vendors to their local communities and to national development.

Urban attitudes and responses to street vendors vary around the globe, but everywhere they are at the heart of the debate about formalizing the informal economy.

Home-Based Workers Raise Their Voices

This is one in a series of WIEGO Network impact stories. View all impact stories.

Organizers of HomeNet South Asia Gather for a meeting
photo: HomeNet South Asia

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Informal Economy

This section provides a wide range of in-depth information on the informal economy.  It is designed as a “go to” resource for those interested in different aspects of the informal economy.

Home-Based Workers Day, South Asia

Ahmedabad incense roller

20 October, 2013 - The day marks the anniversary of the adoption of the Kathmandu Declaration for the rights of South Asian home-based workers.

Cairo’s Collectors and Recyclers Gain Government Support, Form Syndicate

After over two years of hard work at the community and central levels, a systematic and organized process of registering small household and commercial traditional waste collectors into formal companies has begun. According to Laila Iskandar of the Cairo-based
Spirit of Youth Association (SoY), the General Authority for Investment – the unit for small and medium enterprises – has been an invaluable actor in this process.

Declaration of the African Regional Domestic Workers Conference

Africa Domestic Workers Network is formed
Cape Town, South Africa

On June 16 2013, this second anniversary of the adoption of the C189 and World Domestic Workers’ Day, domestic workers in Africa launched the Africa Domestic Workers Network (AfDWN) in Cape Town, South Africa.

Sewing a Better Future: Sarita, Home-Based Worker, Nepal

saritaFor 11 years, Sarita Adhikary has been working with the Women Skill Development Organization in Nepal. She still vividly remembers her first meeting with the organization’s Executive Director, Mrs Ramkali Khadka—and remembers feeling so nervous she was practically trembling.

A Fruitful and Dignified Life: The Story of Chumaya in Nepal

Chumaya, garment worker, NepalOnce, it might have been impossible to see Chumaya as anything but poor, disabled and helpless. But within the Women's Skill Development Organization in Pokhara, Nepal, Chumaya is an artisan whose skills are admired and whose products are sold in developed countries.

Global Recession Impact: Personal Stories from Informal Workers

Uncertain Times

The global economic crisis that rocked the world in 2008 led to increased financial hardship for informal workers, most of whom already lived in precarious circumstances. Here is a sampling of their stories, told during  2009 and 2010. 

Bogota Recycler Nohra Padilla Praised on World Stage


Nohra Padilla was waste picking on a dump in Colombia by the time she was seven years old. On April 15, 2013, her activism on behalf of recyclers was recognized with the world’s largest prize for grassroots environmentalists – the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize.

Origins of a Determined ActivistNohra Padilla