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Durban Legal Victory


John Makwicana, a vendor in Warwick Junction in Durban/eThekwini, South Africa, took the municipality to court, claiming the law that allowed the confiscation of his goods was unconstitutional. He won a legal victory for street traders in South Africa. John died on March 7, 2018, but his legacy will live on. This videos captures a last interview with him. The rest of the story is detailed below.

Story of a Legal Victory

Since 2008, WIEGO has worked closely with Asiye eTafuleni ("a seat at the table" in Zulu) in Durban/eThekwini, South Africa. Founded by two former city employees who had worked together with informal workers in the Warwick Junction precinct of the city, the NGO provides design, legal and other support to street vendors, market traders, barrow operators, waste pickers and garment producers in Warwick Junction.

Web Technical Specialist

WIEGO has two key website roles: a Web Curator/Editor and a Web Technical Specialist. The person in this Technical Specialist role is responsible for the technical management, monitoring and development of WIEGO’s online presence, including a Drupal-based website and multiple WordPress-based sites.

Informal Hawkers and Vendors Association of Ghana (IHVAG)

Informal Hawkers and Vendors Association of Ghana (IHVAG)

The Informal Hawkers and Vendors Association of Ghana (IHVAG) was formed in 2003, and registered in 2005. It was formerly called StreetNet Ghana. Currently, there are over 6,000 members, who work in street and market trading; approximately two-thirds of the members are women. The organization has six branches in two cities, and is governed by an executive committee of five women and two men.

New Solutions: Health and Safety for Informal Workers

New Solutions: Health and Safety for Informal Workers

New Solutions Journal - Special Issue on Health and Safety for Informal Workers

Global Trade Project: Analysis of Purchasing Practices in the Garment Industry

Analysis of Purchasing Practices in the Garment Industry

A project intitiated by WIEGO highlighted issues endemic to the garment industry that drive poor working conditions at the lowest end of the value chain.garment worker

WIEGO: Born in Bellagio, 1997

WIEGO: Born in Bellagio, 1997

Ten founders of WIEGO in Bellagio

In mid-April 1997, 10 specialists on the informal economy – a mix of practitioners, scholars, statisticians, and policymakers – met to plan a collaborative project in support of women workers and entrepreneurs in the informal economy.

The group consisted of:

HomeNet South Asia

HomeNet South Asia

HomeNet South Asia, home-based workers, South AsiaHomeNet South Asia Group is comprised of HomeNet South Asia and Association of Homebased workers in South Asia. It is a sub-regional network of homebased workers.

Job Posting: Urban Policies Programme Director

Join WIEGO as our Urban Policies Programme Director 

WIEGO is seeking an Urban Policies Programme Director. As an integral member of the WIEGO Programme Team, the Urban Policies Programme Director will work collaboratively with other WIEGO Team Members, including the WIEGO Research Team, as well as partners (especially membership-based organizations of informal workers) and consultants.