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Theme: Informal Economy
Occupational Group(s): Home-Based Workers
Nepal Experts Urge Security for Home Based Workers The Himalayan Times . (18 October 2011)

The government has been urged to provide social security to home based workers. Home Net Nepal (HNN), along with Nepal Trade Union Congress-Independent (NTUC-I) and General Federation of Nepalese Trade Unions (Gefont) will be organising various programmes on October 20 to observe first Home Based Workers (HBW) Day in Kathmandu.

Pakistan Government Urged to Register Home-Based Workers at UCs (Union Councils) The Express Tribune . (14 October 2011)

The government has been urged to gather data on home-based workers at the union council level in order to effectively implement a new labour policy for this sector.

Pakistan Call to Review Policy for Home-Based Workers in Country The Nation . (14 October 2011)

After the passage of 18th Amendment, the Provincial Ministry for Labour should review the existing draft of the policy for home-based women workers and set up a National Task Force in this regard.

Pakistan Body Formed to Prepare Recommendations Pakistan Observer . (14 October 2011)

The participants of Sindh Labour Conference (SLC) have constituted a 12-member provincial labour body to prepare detailed recommendations concerning labour legislation, institutions and promotion of workers rights.

Pakistan Home-Based Workers Discussion on Law Policy Today The Jakarta Post . (13 October 2011)

government policy for home-based workers and provincial legislation will be held at Hospitality Inn.

Pakistan Home-Based Workers: Policy Put Off ‘Due to Dengue’ The Express Tribune . (10 October 2011)
By Usman, Ali.

The Labour and Human Resource Department says dengue is the reason that a provisional policy for the registration and regulation of home-based domestic workers hasn’t been forwarded to the Chief Minister’s Secretariat.

India Informal Sector: ‘Recognise Home-based Women Workers as Labourers The Express Tribune . (7 October 2011)

Speakers at a seminar on Wednesday demanded that the government recognise women employed in the informal sector as industrial labour so that they may benefit from the minimum-wage and laws meant to promote workers’ welfare.They also asked the government to ratify International Labour Organisation’s convention 177 concerning home work.

Pakistan Effective Legislation for Working Women Urged The Nation . (5 October 2011)

Home-based working women are victims of exploitation despite the existence of around 72 labour laws.

India Legislation for home-based workers underway: Amir Pakistan Observer . (28 September 2011)
By Alam, M.M..

Ume-Laila Azhar, Executive Director, Homenet Pakistan, informed: “20th of October will be celebrated as the Home-Based Workers Day on South Asia basis. A solidarity rally and conference are scheduled to take place in Kathmandu.

India Nepal Thailand Vulnerable Female HBWs Finding it Hard to Make Both Ends Meet Pakistan Today . (17 September 2011)
By Jalil, Xari.

Working for long hours, for low wages and under poor working conditions, female home-based workers (HBW) are particularly susceptible to exploitation and violation of their economic and social rights. Having been relegated to work at the bottom of the supply/value chain, they occupy particularly vulnerable positions in the national and global economy.