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Theme: Informal Economy
Occupational Group(s): Home-Based Workers
Nepal Women Domestic Help Raise Voice The Himalayan Times . (8 March 2012)

Women domestic help have demanded that their contribution should be taken into account in the national economy.

Women End up With TB by Inhaling Tobacco Dust Times of India . (8 March 2012)
By Jadhav, Radheshyam.

Thousands of women who roll bidi in Solapur suffer from occupational hazards like gastrointestinal and nervous problems, throat burning, cough and respiratory problems

Pakistan Home Based Women Workers Rally on 8 March in Pakistan Europe Solidaire Sans Frontières . (7 March 2012)
By Zehra, Khan.

Thousands of women of working class march with red flags through the streets of busy Sadder area Karachi to press for their demand to accept them as worker and cover under social security schemes and to regularize the lady health workers.

Pakistan Punjab to be First to Legislate for Domestic Workers The News International . (3 March 2012)
By Lodhi, Mak.

The Punjab is all set to be the first to recognize and give full legal protection to Home-Based Workers (HBWs) - the hidden, dainty and feminine hands, supporting as backbone of the economy of the biggest province - as its chief minister announces a comprehensive policy on the subject next week, paving way for legislation of Punjab Home-Based Workers Act, 2012.

Bulgaria Home Based Workers Bulgaria 2012 Youtube . (25 February 2012)

Half a million Bulgarians work home base work in order to meet ends. See how these people work and endure. There will be an international conference on the home based work in Bulgaria.

India SEWA Enters Strategic Tie-up With Insurance Major The Times of India . (10 February 2012)

L&T Insurance announced its entry into the micro insurance segment through a strategic tie-up with VimmoSewa in Gujarat.

Pakistan Home-based Women Workers Have No Legal Rights The International News . (10 February 2012)
By Imran, Myra.

Despite their extensive contribution to the economy, the home-based women workers (HBWWs) still await their recognition as workers at federal and provincial level.

Participants of the provincial workshop titled " Joining hands with the stakeholder" have demanded through a consensus resolution that "Pakistan should endorse ILO Convention C177, an independent Commission should be set up to monitor the state of affairs of rights of home-based workers (HBWs), amendments be made in the Labour laws and the number of workers should be reduced from 50 to seven in a factory entitled of forming the "workers union", status of "worker" should be given to the HBWs and Nadra should be advised to include specific columns in the forms to record the economic activities of the women at homes".

India Radio: A Tool for Social Change in India Channel News Asia . (5 February 2012)
By Prakash, Smita.

Much of the talk today about the media being used for social change focuses on new, Internet-driven platforms like Twitter or Facebook. But in India, more conventional forms of media are not obsolete yet, and in some places they are even flourishing.

Pakistan Home-Based Workers: ‘Recommendations for Laws Will be Sent to PA’ The Express Tribune . (1 February 2012)

Stressing the need to educate women in rural areas, Advisor to Chief Minister Zakia Shahnawaz appreciated the role of civil society in highlighting the plight of home-based workers on Tuesday.