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Theme: Informal Economy
Occupational Group(s): Domestic Workers
South Africa Checkpoint: Domestic worker abuse. ENCA . (19 October 2016)

Many South Africans employing domestic workers are ignoring labour laws. According to the CCMA, about 10 percent of calls received last year were from domestic workers reporting legal violations.

Dr Al-Saleh affirmed that the services offered through 'DHAMAN' will be exclusively for expatriates working in the private sector, indicating, "The total number of expatriates who will benefit from this project will be about 2 million excluding those categorized as housemaids".

China, Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region Could supply chains protect migrant domestic workers?. Open Democracy . (18 October 2016)
By Anderson, Jade.

Migrant domestic workers are often amongst the least protected workers in the economy. But what protection opportunities open if we consider them part of the 'care supply chain'?.

By Dias, Keshala.

The recent demise of a Sri Lankan woman, who died in suspicious circumstances while working as a domestic worker in Kuwait, has reignited the debate over the fate of the thousands of women working in similar conditions in the Middle East.

United Arab Emirates Why have 9,000 domestic workers absconded?. 7 Days . (16 October 2016)

Physical abuse, a lack of basic amenities like food and the non-payment of salaries are among some of the reasons why more than 9,000 domestic workers have fled their sponsors, embassy officials and lawyers have said.

Singapore The truth about abuse of foreign domestic workers. The Online Citizen . (15 October 2016)
By Henry, .

Recently, Al Jazeera covered the issue of Burmese maids in Singapore getting abused by their employers.

Oman Trafficked and Trapped in Oman. Human Rights Watch . (14 October 2016)
By Begum, Rothna.

More than 140,000 female migrant domestic workers are in Oman. Many receive decent salaries and have good working conditions, but others, like Mamata, face a far bleaker reality.

United States of America California domestic workers celebrate overtime law. Inquirer . (13 October 2016)
By Constante., Agnes.

A huge victory came on Sept. 12, when California Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law a bill that requires domestic employers to pay workers overtime if they work more than nine hours in a workday or more than 45 hours in a workweek.

By Murray, Glenroy.

The International Labour Organisation Convention 189 which protects the rights of domestic workers was recently ratified by the Government of Jamaica.

A documentary that takes an intimate look at the daily dramas of Filipino domestic workers has premiered at Asia’s largest film festival, with its director pushing a fresh perspective on the millions employed in homes across the globe.