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Theme: Informal Economy
Occupational Group(s): Domestic Workers
China Legal vacuum stymies domestic workers. Women of China . (7 September 2016)
By Liqiang, Hou.

Millions of women in China undertake household tasks for employers, but the hours are long and the use of informal contracts mean they are not protected by labor laws.

Singapore Singapore's Foreign Domestic Workers Find Their Voices Online. Global Voices . (4 September 2016)
By Palatino, Mong.

In recent years, reports have surfaced about domestic workers experiencing maltreatment at the hands of their employers. Case of abuse are rising, despite new laws designed to protect domestic workers’ rights. Last month, a Singaporean news website reported a story about the slave-like conditions of more than 9,000 foreign workers.

By Mackey, Danielle.

Almost 40 percent of domestic employees in Mexico believe the biggest problem with their industry is excessive work and low salary, according a 2010 nationwide poll on discrimination conducted by the Consejo Nacional para Prevenir la Discriminacion, or CONAPRED, a government institution promoting policies to advance social inclusion and equality.

China, Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region No more window cleaning: domestic workers to march in Hong Kong after helpers die in falls from high-rises. South China Morning Post . (3 September 2016)
By Carvalho, Raquel.

Domestic workers in Hong Kong will take to the streets on Sunday to call for a ban on cleaning windows, following several deaths of helpers who fell from high-rise buildings.

India Domestic workers to join Friday's nationwide labour strike. The Times of India . (1 September 2016)
By Joshi, Prasad.

In a statement issued, Kiran Moghe, leader of the union, said domestic workers would become part of proposed protest to oppose alleged anti-labour policies of the Centre and the state government.

South Africa Domestic workers plan big protest. The Citizen . (31 August 2016)
By Abraham, Vicky.

The sexual harassment of domestic workers by male employers will form part of a massive protest scheduled in Gauteng and Western Cape. Other core issues that will emerge during the protest are the noncompliance of employers with the labour laws and poor working conditions workers are subjected to. 

United States of America Illinois latest state to expand domestic workers' rights. Business Insider . (21 August 2016)
By Tareen , Sophia.

Left out of federal labor law written decades ago, nannies, housekeepers and private caregivers are gaining legal protections in a growing number of states, with Illinois becoming the latest to establish a domestic workers' "bill of rights."

India Indian domestic workers demand rights. Vatican Radio . (18 August 2016)
By UCANews, .

Some 4,000 domestic workers in New Delhi went on strike Aug. 16 to demand that the federal government formulate a law to ensure fair wages and security for them. The domestic workers, registered under the Domestic Workers' Forum of Chetnalaya, the social service wing of the Delhi Archdiocese, took to the streets to observe No Rights, No Work Day.

United States of America State Shorting Domestic Workers Amid New Minimum Wage, Union Says. Times of Sandiego . (18 August 2016)
By Sklar, Debiie L.

Members of the United Domestic Workers union filed complaints Thursday alleging the state is violating the city of San Diego’s new minimum wage law in pay for in-home healthcare aides.

There's some good news from Gaza. Its garment industry is picking up now as Israel eases its blockade against commercial exports. Before the 2007 war with Israel, Gaza's garment sector was a major source of wealth, but like most things has been devastated by crippling sanctions.