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Theme: Informal Economy
Occupational Group(s): Domestic Workers
Ecuador Domestic workers in Ecuador organize to defend their rights. The Huffington Post . (31 March 2017)
By UN Women, .

I continue organizing so that the next generation of domestic workers don't go through what I experienced. To other women domestic workers I say, "my friend, you have rights, don't let others trample on them."

Philippines Singapore Minimum pay for Filipino maids to go up May 1: Philippine embassy. Channel News Asia . (31 March 2017)
By Lim, Kenneth.

In a notice to its more than 200 accredited employment agencies, the embassy's Labour Attache Ramon Pastrana said this is due to the "fluctuation of exchange rates of the USD" in relation to the Singapore dollar.

A video of an Ethiopian domestic worker was shared on social media, showing the helpless woman pleading with her employer to save her before falling from the seventh floor of a building in Kuwait.

Jamaica Domestic workers entitled to eight weeks of maternity leave. Jamaica Observer . (30 March 2017)

Director of the National Insurance Scheme (NIS), Portia Magnus, told JIS News in a recent interview that the provision, under the National Insurance Act of 1979, aims to ensure that these workers' rights are protected.

By Su, Alice.

Migrants in Jordan who flee abusive employers risk being imprisoned as illegal workers if they fail to find shelter with their embassies.

Singapore Couple jailed, fined for starving maid, who lost 20kg. Today . (27 March 2017)
By Mokhatar, Faris.

For starving their Filipino domestic helper, which caused her weight to plummet by almost 20kg over a 15-month period, a Singaporean couple was sentenced to jail and a fine by a district court on Monday (March 27).

United Arab Emirates Tadbeer centres to recruit domestic workers. Gulf News . (22 March 2017)
By Al Shouk, Ali.

Saqr Ghobash said this decision was taken as the services provided by current recruitment agencies often do not meet the needs of both the domestic worker and the employer.

The ILO's executive also asked Doha for details on reforms related to domestic workers and the status of committees to resolve workers' disputes by its next meeting in November - when it will decide whether to appoint a commission to probe abuses.

Qatar UAE seeks to boost rights of domestic workers. Gulf News . (18 March 2017)
By Salama, Samir.

A weekly day off, 30 days of annual paid leave, the right to retain personal documents including passport, ID card and work permit, besides daily rest of at least 12 hours -including at least eight consecutive hours - are among rights that the UAE plans to assure domestic workers.

By Neetha N, .

The recent move of the government to extend the Employees' State Insurance Scheme for domestic workers clearly shows the callousness of the initiative and the non-committal approach of the state to the concerns of domestic workers. For the first time, a discriminatory approach within the ESI scheme to a specific category of workers is noticeable.