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Theme: Informal Economy
Occupational Group(s): Domestic Workers
South Africa Tough new laws for non-compliant employers of domestic workers. Times Live . (27 August 2017)
By Olifant, Nathi.

Some employers would rather pay a fine for non-compliance minister of labour says.

By Hynes, Casey.

According to the organization Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing (WIEGO), many domestic workers in India work without formal contracts or standardized work conditions. This leaves them with little legal basis to claim time off for maternity leave or holidays, not to mention few channels for pursuing paychecks withheld by employers.

China, Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region Hong Kong politician raises air-con rule for housekeepers. BBC News . (10 August 2017)

A Hong Kong district councillor has spoken out about a need for employers to introduce rules over whether domestic workers in the region can use air conditioning, it's reported.

By Mahi, Rose.

Informal networks of self-help and mutual care have given rise to a workers-led alliance in Lebanon to fight for the rights of domestic workers.

By Paed-Rayray, Marilyn.

“This signing of the convention would also ensure that migrant domestic workers are better protected. Because one of the situations in France is that migrant domestic workers may not seek justice when faced with difficult or unjust working conditions because they do not necessarily have their working papers," said Rachel Moussie, social protection adviser at the Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing, a global research-policy network.

Kenya Organising domestic workers across Africa: a regional view OpenDemocracy . (23 June 2017)
By Kanyoka, Vicky.

his was especially true in unions where domestic workers were subsumed under one general union covering multiple sectors, such as KUDHEIHA in Kenya, or CHODAWU in Tanzania. In 2008, the IUF conducted a workshop in Kenya for the KUDHEIHA union through the Africa Women’s Project. Of the thirty domestic workers who attended the workshop, not one was a member of the union.

Keshav Duwadi, secretary at the General Federation of Nepalese Trade Unions (GEFONT), said the organisation imparts “special training” to domestic workers on their wages and rights. For eight hours of work, the minimum wage for domestic workers should be Rs9,700 per month. There are approximately 67 million domestic workers worldwide and 41 million of them are employed in Asian countries. Nepal has around 200,000 domestic workers, according to GEFONT.

India For a better livelihood for domestic workers The Hindu . (13 June 2017)
By Sivaraman, Sreelakshmi.

Such informal arrangements shape the livelihood of many women like Suja, for whom concepts of minimum wage and job security, applicable to those employed in all other sectors, are alien simply because they do not consider themselves ‘labourers.’ It is this misconception, borne out of the conversion of the domestic space to a workplace, that the Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA)-Union has set out to dispel through its campaign ‘My Fair Home.’

By Chari, Mridula.

Around 200 domestic workers staged a three-day strike after residents of a development in Chandivali unilaterally fixed wages at a level they believed was unfair. The strike began on May 21, after some residents at the Raheja Vistas housing complex in Chandivali put up a circular on their noticeboard declaring the rates they would pay to domestic workers.

By Preiss, Danielle and Pragati Shahi, .

Two years ago, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake destroyed Sita Kumal’s house in Nepal’s Gorkha district — 65 miles from the capital Kathmandu and the area hardest hit by the disaster... Last April, she accepted the offer of a local agent to find her a job as a housemaid in Dubai, where she’d earn around $290 a month.