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United States New York City street vendors generate $71.2M in taxes, report says New York Daily News . (7 October 2015)
By Durkin, Erin.

Street vendors in the city are generating $71.2 million in taxes, according to a new study, giving fuel to a push to increase the number of vendor permits available. The Institute for Justice report released this week found food and merchandise vendors are responsible for $71.2 million a year in city, state and federal taxes, and $292 million in economic activity.

By Covert, Bryce.

On Wednesday, Julieta Yang, a domestic worker and migrant from the Philippines, sued Cameron Poetzscher and Varsha Rao, executives at Uber and Airbnb, alleging that they failed to pay her minimum wage and overtime, didn't give her required breaks, and sexually harassed her.

By Kessler, Sarah.

The new sector of on-demand services-via apps that allow users to instantly access everything from food delivery to cleaning services-is also creating a new type of job.

United States Some street vendors banned from Center City this weekend Philly.Com . (24 September 2015)
By Brennan, Chris.

As part of Philadelphia's preparations for Pope Francis' arrival, some Center City street vendors are getting the heave-ho from their longtime locations this weekend.

United States Street vendors protest the city's lack of permits New York Post . (23 September 2015)
By Gartland, Michael.

More than 200 street vendors flooded lower Manhattan Tuesday, demanding that the city issue more permits to sell their wares so they don't have to shell out up to $25,000 on the black market. The city sells permits for $200.

United States City Council Panel OKs Food Cart Ordinance CBS Chicago . (16 September 2015)

A City Council committee has endorsed an ordinance to allow food carts to operate in Chicago for the first time. Ald. Roberto Maldonado (26th), the measure's chief sponsor, said he's a regular customer of food carts in his neighborhood, even though they've been banned by the city for decades.

United States On the picket line Workers World . (13 September 2015)
By and Sue Davis, Matty Starrdust.

Oregon domestic workers win bill of rights, domestic workers in Oregon, including nannies, in-home caregivers and housekeepers, won historic protections when the Oregon Domestic Workers' Protection Act became law on June 17.

United States Los Angeles street vendors call on mayor for legalization process Yahoo! News . (10 September 2015)
By Davis-Young, Katherine.

About 40 vendors called for direct meetings with Mayor Eric Garcetti about legalizing street vending - a major source of income for some 50,000 people, many of them unauthorized immigrants in a city that has increasingly sought to show support for migrants.

By Davis, Charles.

Garment industry abuses don't just happen in faraway lands-workers in Los Angeles face rough conditions too.

United States Illinois Senate Could Consider Domestic Workers' Bill Of Rights On Wednesday Progressive Illinois . (9 September 2015)

A measure that would extend labor protections to domestic workers in Illinois could go up for a vote in the state Senate Wednesday. The bill, HB 1288, would ensure that domestic workers are paid no less than the minimum wage and receive at least one day off a week, among other provisions.