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Theme: Informal Economy
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India United States 25 ways to become fashion-able in 2016 Live Mint . (4 January 2016)
By Vasudev, Shefalee.

This article about "ethical fashion" cites a WIEGO report, stating "WIEGO (Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing), an organization that also does advocacy for informal workers, said in an article on digital magazine Quartz that in India, of an estimated 12.5 million people who work from their homes for the garment industry, more than 3.5 million are likely to be part of supply chains for fashion brands."

United States Domestic workers: The invisible workforce Street Roots News . (31 December 2015)
By Burkhalter, Aaron.

Advocate and author Ai-Jen Poo says domestic workers are an integral yet overlooked facet of the nation's economy. Domestic workers make up a sort of "shadow economy" in the United States. These people, who provide child care, senior care, house cleaning and many other services, often work in isolation and outside the view of most workers.

United States Female entrepreneurs gather in Charleroi for support, friendship TribLIVE . (9 December 2015)
By Buckley, Chris.

The invitation read: "You are strong, You are committed, You are unique, You are building a better community and You need to be celebrated." With those words, Gina Lynn, Greater Rostraver Chamber of Commerce executive director, invited female self-employed chamber members to an August luncheon at Off the Wall Arts in Charleroi.

United States Thanksgiving -- Cesar Chavez And Domestic Workers . (24 November 2015)
By Jourdane, Maurice.

"Invisible Women; The Real History of Domestic Workers in America discusses in detail our historical abuse of domestic workers from slavery to the unsuccessful effort of Reconstruction era domestic workers to organize in Jackson, Mississippi, Galveston, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia to exclusion from the National Labor Relations Act and Fair Employment Standards Act in the 1930s as part of an agreement between liberal Northerners and Conservative Southerners.

By Pichardo, Carolina.

The redesigned space is part of the OneNYC Plaza Equity Program launched by Mayor de Blasio that provides materials, programs and services of up to $80,000 to support the maintenance of public spaces.

By Trujillo, Damian.

When Super Bowl 50 touches down in the South Bay in February, mobile vendors will not be given a ticket into the downtown corridor of San Jose.

United States Sidewalk vendors sue L.A., say city seized their carts and belongings Los Angeles Times . (29 October 2015)
By Alpert Reyes, Emily.

Street vendors and their allies are suing Los Angeles in federal court, claiming their carts and other belongings have been improperly seized and destroyed and arguing that the practice is unconstitutional.

United States Los Angeles outlines 3 possible approaches to legal street vending program Southern California Public Radio . (26 October 2015)
By Berestein Rojas, Leslie.

A new city report that looks at possibilities for legalized street vending in Los Angeles outlines three different scenarios.

United States NYC Street Vendors Want to End the Black Market for Permits Munchies . (20 October 2015)
By Sedacca, Matthew.

This year, however, food vendors across New York City are working with advocates such as the Street Vendor Project at the Urban Justice Institute to crack open the cap and allow more permits to enter circulation.

India United States Labor and Women's Rights Champion's Advice to the United States The Progressive . (13 October 2015)
By Pal, Amitabh.

Renana Jhabvala, a labor and women's rights champion whose organization has won worldwide acclaim, including effusive praise from Hillary Clinton, says she is is confident that Indian and U.S. unions can work together on nettlesome issues such as outsourcing.