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United States San Diego Couple Enslaved Their Maid The Daily Beast . (11 April 2016)
By Zavadski, Katie.

A San Diego-based Iraqi couple allegedly enslaved a domestic worker in their home, forcing her to work up to 18 hours a day with no pay, according to charges filed in federal court Friday.

United States New York City Fights Scavengers Over a Treasure: Trash Nytimes . (20 March 2016)
By Maslin, Sarah.

The video begins with ominous notes from a piano and an image of crime scene tape. The camera pans to men hunched over garbage pails, sifting for bottles, and a stoop-shouldered woman towing a shopping cart full of cans. Some might feel sympathy for these collectors, but the video makes clear that the New York City Sanitation Department, which made the video and posted it online, wanted them to be seen as something else: common criminals.

“Scavengers are putting the Department of Sanitation’s recycling program at risk, by removing the most valuable recyclables,” a voice-over begins. “Nobody wants to be perceived of as picking on the little guy, but the lone scavenger is now an organized, sophisticated mob of scavenger collectives that systematically removes valuable recyclables,” it continues. “Recycling is the law. Scavenging is a crime. Don’t allow scavenging to steal recycling’s future.”

United States Domestic workers rally in support of permanent protections Daily Bulletin . (4 March 2016)
By Rodriguez, Monica.

Domestic workers from the San Fernando Valley to San Bernardino gathered at the Pomona Economic Opportunity Center Friday afternoon to support a proposal that would make permanent overtime provisions for domestic workers set to expire next year.

United States Vieux Fort street vendors evicted St. Lucia News Online . (1 March 2016)

The Vieux Fort City Council has evicted several vendors from Clarke Street, Vieux Fort after giving them adequate warning to move from the illegal spot. Reports are the vendors were told by the Council that they had up to March 1, to move, because they were occupying space which were built for pedestrians.

United States What Legalizing Street Vending Could Do for L.A.’s Local Economy Yes! Magazine . (23 February 2016)
By Ross, Daniel.

Los Angeles is one of few U.S. cities where street trade isn’t widely permitted. But for immigrants and low-income people, it’s often the only way to earn a living.

United States India Panel on Empowering Women at the Bottom of the Pyramid Harvard India Conference . (20 February 2016)
By Chen, Marty.

At Harvard’s annual India Conference on February 6, 2016, Renana Jhabvala, National Coordinator of SEWA and chair of the WIEGO Board, was the lead speaker and Marty Chen, International Coordinator of WIEGO and member of the Harvard faculty, was the chair of a panel entitled “Empowering Women at the Bottom of the Pyramid: To Overcome Gender Inequality and Poverty in India.”    View and listen to this panel and see other sessions of the Harvard India Conference. Also, read Marty Chen's opening remarks for this panel.

United States Peskin wants S.F. street vendors compensated for Super Bowl City SF Gate . (9 February 2016)
By Green, Emily.

On Tuesday, Supervisor Aaron Peskin introduced legislation to create a $100,000 fund to compensate the street artists, food vendors, shoe shiners and other small-business owners who were displaced by Super Bowl City. The money would come from the city’s budget reserves.

United States Vending Oversight Committee amends licensing ordinance for street vendors The Daily Cardinal . (28 January 2016)
By Scheidt, Katie.

The Vending Oversight Committee met at the Dane County Municipal Building Wednesday evening to amend a series of licensing fees ordinances for downtown street vendors.

By Carter, Barry.

Since the street vendors have not been clearly included in the city's downtown improvement plans, Chaneyfield Jenkins said enforcement has been lacking on who should be operating. As a result, she said illegal vendors have set up shop over the years, which has caused other problems. Two years ago, a Rahway man tried to blend in with local vendors when he showed up with a chair and a leather hand bag.

By Quinnell, Kenneth.

The International Union of Food Workers (IUF) and the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers (BCTGM) have affirmed their solidarity with employees of Mondelēz International, the maker of Nabisco products, around the world.