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Theme: Informal Economy
Region(s): United States of America ; Other Developed
United States Minimum Wage, Minimum Cost IPS News . (19 July 2016)
By Costantini, Peter.

In 1958, when New York State was considering raising its minimum wage, merchants complained that their profit margins were so small that they would have to cut their work forces or go out of business.  In 2014 in Seattle at hearings on a proposed minimum wage increase, some businesses voiced the same fears.

United States of America Street Vendors & the Battle to Do Business. Murphy Institute Blog . (13 July 2016)
By Basinski, Sean.

Whether they are classified as traditional workers, independent contractors, or self-employed entrepreneurs, street vendors in recent years have been asserting their rights to a greater piece of the economic pie - or hot dog, as the case may be.

United States of America Fighting the Good Fight: California Domestic Workers The Progressive . (11 July 2016)
By Bacon, David.

Betty Johnson changes the diaper on a boy she’s caring for. More than 300,000 California housekeepers, nannies, and personal attendants provide support and care to children, seniors, and people with disabilities, putting in long hours caring for an estimated two million households. With no overtime protections, they suffer exhaustion, and damage to their health and that of their clients, and can’t earn enough to pay their own bills. In a recent survey, 76 percent of domestic workers still reported working more than forty-five hours a week, with twenty-four-hour shifts being common.

United States of America Low scrap metal prices hurting even U.S. garbage scavengers. Reuters . (6 July 2016)
By O'Brien, Brendan .

Prices have fallen mainly because of a downturn in global demand from manufacturers, especially in China, pressure on supplies, and the increased use of substitutes, said Joe Pickard, chief economist and director of commodities at the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries.

United States of America The women who are taking on Wal-Mart Scroll In . (8 June 2016)
By Orlek, Annelise.

Walmart associates have been fighting for four years to pressure the world's largest private employer to grant its workers decent conditions, a living wage and regular hour.

By Martinez, Marcos.

Now, domestic workers organizations are campaigning for the approval of SB1015, which would make the Bill of Rights permanent.

United States Presque Isle mulls regulation of street vendors BDN Maine . (28 May 2016)
By Brino, Anthony.

The Presque Isle City Council is set to consider a new "itinerant vendor" ordinance at its next meeting on June 6, after several conversations about the issue over the last year.

United States Street vending forum discussed legality of LA vendors The Poly Post . (24 May 2016)
By Musee, Agnes.

A Cal Poly Pomona professor from the Department of Urban and Regional Department hosted a street vending legalization symposium to initiate awareness in the CPP community.

United States Cepeda: A Bill of Rights for domestic workers The Salt Lake Tribune . (18 May 2016)
By J. Cepeda, Esther.

The Illinois legislation would ensure that workers who are regularly employed at least eight hours a week in domestic jobs be covered by the state's minimum wage law, the One Day Rest in Seven Act.

United States Brazil Momentum Award: Cai Thomas BC Heights . (5 May 2016)
By Greaney, Alec.

This article about an amazing student, Cai Thomas, includes a description of her trip to Brazil to work with WIEGO's Sonia Dias and the Gender and Waste project.