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United States of America Trump Inspires Effort to Legalize L.A. Street Vendors. LA Weekly . (28 November 2016)
By Romero, Dennis.

President-elect Donald Trump's promise to deport 3 million people who are in the United States illegally might (indirectly) end up doing some good here in Los Angeles. As a result of that promise, city leaders have put a languishing proposal to legalize street vendors back on the front burner.

United States of America Street vendors in New York could get relief from black-market permit system. The Washington Post . (26 November 2016)
By Hajela, Deepti.

With a guy selling pretzels and hot dogs on every other block, Manhattan must seem to tourists like a Shangri-La for street food vendors - a place where any entrepreneur willing to stand in bad weather for long hours can hustle up a living. In reality, however, New York's food cart business is no picnic.

By Kitroeff, Natalie.

Forever 21 is one of several companies that have been supplied by independent Southern California factories that pay workers much less than the state minimum wage, the Labor Department announced Wednesday.

United States of America The Underappreciated Role Of Women Entrepreneurs In The Economy. Wis Context . (26 October 2016)
By Conroy, Tessa.

As evidence of this preference for flexibility, self-employed women generally provide more of their own child care, even while working. Adequate child care availability could foster high-growth female entrepreneurship by reframing self-employment opportunities, alleviating time constraints and allowing a focus on building businesses.

United States of America Garment Workers Group March in Downtown Los Angeles. California Apparel News . (25 October 2016)
By Asch, Andrew.

The Garment Worker Center held a march and rally Oct. 25 through Pico Boulevard in downtown Los Angeles' Fashion District, where many of the center's members work, up to the Ross Dress for Less store on 719 S. Broadway and eventually to City Hall.

United States of America Levi's 'Well-Being' Programs to Reach 300,000 Workers By 2025. Triple Pundit . (18 October 2016)
By Kaye, Leon.

Levi Strauss & Co. announced last week that it would aggressively expand its worker well-being initiatives. The expansion is set to reach factories across Levi's entire supply chain, as well as other brands within the global garment industry.

United States of America California domestic workers celebrate overtime law. Inquirer . (13 October 2016)
By Constante., Agnes.

A huge victory came on Sept. 12, when California Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law a bill that requires domestic employers to pay workers overtime if they work more than nine hours in a workday or more than 45 hours in a workweek.

United States of America Human Thread tells Macy's, Kohl's: Put fair trade on the racks. National Catholic Reporter . (8 October 2016)
By Roewe, Brian.

The Human Thread, a Catholic advocacy group for garment workers, launched a national postcard campaign last month that asks Macy's and Kohl's to add a fair trade clothing item to their department store racks and shelves. The request is intentionally vague, preferring to allow the stores to decide what department -- men, women, children -- to target, and what article of clothing to add.

United States of America Learning to say no as a woman in the workplace. Seattle Times . (27 September 2016)
By Tulshyan, Ruchika.

Women are disproportionately asked to do things that don’t advance their careers. These include administrative tasks such as taking notes in a meeting, ordering food for the team or always being available to mentor junior staff members. For self-employed women, this manifests in innocent “I would like to run something by you over coffee” requests — in short, time away from work that does actually pay.

Investigators from the California Labor Commissioner's Office issued $682,344 in fines to 18 garment manufacturers and contractors in a two day enforcement operation in the Los Angeles area.